so Ellen came over and we each blew a line of 30 mg oxy.  Then we smoked a little she had in her purse.  Then she smoked me out w/pot. got 8 pills total so it’s gonna be fun for a while.

i got super nauseous tho and puked up like everything i ate today so lol

I’m so fucked up right now hahahahaha

Needless to day, I’m the most faded I’ve ever been in years


No idea what i’m doing



my coworkers took the new girl out to a bar to go drinking

and didn’t invite me

no one invited me out when i was new

people dislike me more than i thought.

drinking beer for lunch i guess? welcome to advertising

taking a few kpins so i get disoriented and relaxed and fall on myself and i love it


oh i hate what it tastes like